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What is the use of glass fiberboard

Glass fiber plate alias: glass fiber insulation board, glass fiber board (FR-4), glass fiber composite board, made of glass fiber materials and high heat resistant composite materials, not containing harmful asbestos ingredients to the human body. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and has good processability. For plastic mold, injection mold, mechanical manufacturing, molding machine, drilling machine, injection molding machine, motor, PCB. ICT tool, mesa grinding pad. Fiberglass board

Price of fiberglass board

Strengthen the fiberboard, strengthen the fiber insulation board, strengthen the glass fiber board, the 750/ cubic glass fiber board is harmless to the human body, does not contain asbestos components, and also has anti static treatment, the use performance is more stable, it also has the function of fire protection, it is more safe and safe to use. The surface is very smooth, without any other powder to be decorated, widely used in some large office buildings or some museums, cinemas, and so on. The fire intensity is very high, it can last for four hours, and also has the sound insulation function. FR-4 insulation board / epoxy resin board / fiberglass board yellowish epoxy plate is the most prominent characteristic of this fiberglass board, which is super high temperature resistance, high mechanical and heat-resistant, and very easy to process. It is widely used in some humid environment or some electrical equipment. The weight of this fiberglass board is very light, so it is easier to carry and save labor.

Use of fiberglass board

1. construction industry: it can make cooling towers, building structures, indoor equipment and decorations, FRP plates, decorative panels, and solar energy utilization devices. 2. chemical industry: it can be used as corrosion resistant pipes, corrosion resistant pumps and their accessories, as well as grille, ventilation facilities, wastewater and sewage treatment equipment and so on. 3. the automobile and railway transportation industry: it can be used as the car shell and other parts, and the hull of the large passenger car, the door, the inner plate and the instrument panel. In the highway construction part, there are road signs, isolation piers and highway guardrails and so on.

Properties of fiberglass board

Fiberglass panels can be generally used in soft base, wrapped in cloth, leather and so on, and can be made into beautiful walls and ceiling decoration. The application area is very extensive, and has the advantages of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, flame retardance and so on. Good insulation characteristics make it used in radar shell. At the same time, it is also a good anticorrosive material. Now it has been widely used in chemical industry. Glass fiber board has the advantages of strong plasticity. We can flexibly design a variety of different kinds of products in order to meet the requirements of different use, so that the product can have better performance. By selecting suitable materials to meet the performance of the products, it is possible to design excellent products with high strength and high dielectric properties in the direction of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high strength in a certain direction.

Glass fiberboard specification

The appearance of the product requires smooth surface, no bubbles and impurities in it, and requires neat edges and no defects. The thickness needs to be 200 microns. The peel strength should reach a level greater than 0.9; after thermal stress, the grade A is greater than 1.1; when the temperature is higher than 0.9, the exposure to the process fluid is more than 0.9. The surface resistance is greater than 1 * 1012 ohm after wetting treatment, and it is greater than 1 * 109 ohm after heating. The volume resistance is greater than 1 * 1010 ohm.Cm after wetting treatment; after heating, it is larger than 1 * 109 ohm.Cm. The dimensional stability is 0.0005 after etching; the arc resistance of 0.0005. after heat treatment is greater than 60. The weldability is at 288 degrees.

Density of fiberglass board

Ordinary glass and electronic glass are inorganic salt glass density is 2.5 thousand grams per cubic meter (2.5 tons / cubic meters) inorganic salt glass to alkali and weak acid performance stability to strong acid reaction and sulfate aluminate reaction of potassium sulfate sodium sulfate replaceable glass in the physical properties of calcium ions: Electrical and thermal bad conductors are non crystal

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